Explore Bratislava like a local

Your chance to experience in a very unique way

our magnificent city of Bratislava

that the normal visitor does not get the opportunity to be exposed to.

Tell me more about it

Be slovak for a day… Try it you’ll love it!

Dear tourists, all walks are closed until the end of the quarantine.

We are working on significant changes to provide you with a more comfortable experience.

Want to be a real SLOVAK FOR A DAY? Not just see the normal tourist things but really see where and what the locals do in Bratislava?

We have some excellent surprises in store for you!

Being a SLOVAK FOR A DAY you are going to get a unique insight into local life and the history of Bratislava
that tourists usually don’t get to experience in a fun and playful way.

Why would you choose our walks?

Are we unique? Sure – and among other things, there are 5 good reasons:

 set your own pace, no rush

 language and culture assisted by locals

 high-quality cards as memento of history with photos

 bracelet discounts

 diploma from Slovak adventure

Our walks are interactive

and combine

the best of independent travel with local information.

It’s like being a local for a day

It’s like having a guide while you’re not having a guide.
It’s a clever answer to explorers who are looking for offbeat tracks.
If you are looking for fun and adventure, want to see and eat in places not inundated with lots of tourist, this is the thing for you.

It’s like having a guide while you’re not having a guide

You will search for clues,
meet locals as part of the process,
practice some of the new Slovak words you learn along the way
and of course – indulge in all culinary delights Slovakia has to offer.

It’s an unique insight into the wonders of Bratislava

You will have real Slovak food & drinks,
not that stuff they serve in tourist traps and claim to be authentic and charge you double the cost as the locals.

It’s like walking the streets in a way the locals do

You will walk the streets in the way the locals do.
During your adventure you will have total support from local experts who are fluent in English.
We have made the Bratislava experience different in a way you can’t get elsewhere.
We hope we can share it with you.


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